5 Valuable Podcasts for Christian Leaders

podcastChristian leaders often find themselves in the position of giving – constantly.  If we give so much of ourselves, and never refuel, we will eventually burn out and become ineffective at what we are called by God to do.  This is why it is so valuable to always be learning.  Only learners can be leaders for the long haul.

There are many sources of learning we can take advantage of: reading books, meeting with mentors, watching videos, etc.  But one problem with all of these is accessibility.  Reading requires your eyes to be available, mentoring requires your schedules to connect, and videos require your computer to be open.  One antidote to this issue of availability is podcasting.  It doesn’t require anything extra to learn from some great teachers and apply those lessons to your leadership.

For me, this means that every time I get in the car, walk from one place to another, or have a few minutes in the bathroom, I am usually listening to some great content on my phone and reflecting on how I can grow.

Here are some of my favorite podcasts for Christian leaders.  I hope you enjoy.

  1. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast – Andy is the lead pastor at North Point Community Church, and is an outstanding communicator and leader.  I also recommend his book, Communicating for a Change.
  2. Catalyst Podcast – Catalyst is a conference for young Christian leaders, and they have some great interviews with prominent figures in the Christian world.  The podcast hosts try too hard to seem laid back and casual (ie. wasting time), but overall it’s great content.
  3. Perry Noble Leadership Podcast – I love Perry Noble.  He is the senior pastor at NewSpring Church and he tells it like it is, no holds barred.
  4. Exponential Podcast – Exponential is a conference for church planters, and a lot of their break-out sessions get turned into podcasts, offering hundreds of sessions that we can learn from.
  5. This Is Your Life (Michael Hyatt) – Michael is the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and he brings a wealth of experience to his podcast devoted to intentional leadership.
  • http://www.jmlalonde.com Joe Lalonde

    Great list of podcasts. I listen to all of them except Exponential Podcast. This may be the next one I add to my list.