Reflections on Passion Week 2014

20140421-153538.jpgIt’s Monday, and Christians around the world are slowly resurrecting after a Passion Week full of activity. I’m trying to grow in reflection and thought I’d share some of my thoughts on this past week.

  1. Prayer is powerful.  Our church has been praying together for this year’s Easter Celebration and for friends and family who would come for the entire season of Lent.  God hears and responds to our prayers, and this truth was obvious in how we saw Him working throughout the weekend.
  2. Preach the cross.  I had the privilege of preaching on Good Friday, and I was convicted that I needed to simply present the truth of what Jesus did on the cross without any embellishment.  In the end, the important thing is that we’re able to focus on Jesus, and I felt we were able to do that.  His death changes everything.
  3. Stories are powerful.  I was once told that “someone with a story is never at the mercy of someone with an argument”.  There are many people who argue against Christ, but after hearing 27 people’s testimonies at the baptism on Saturday, I think it’s undeniable that Jesus is working in their lives.
  4. The body of Christ is awesome.  So many people invested time, energy, and prayer into our church over this past week (and for weeks beforehand), and it was cool seeing everything come together.  Designers, dancers, musicians, greeters, teachers, intercessors, and so many more all used their gifts and talents to serve in specific ways.  And the rest of us all got to use smiles, conversations, and invitations to make an impact.  I love being part of a church where so many people are involved in ministry.
  5. There is real HOPE in Christ.  Pastor Seth Kim preached a great message for us from John 20:1-18, and I was reminded that Jesus really is our only true source of hope.   This hope isn’t just for those who already know Jesus, but for those all over the world who will believe in him through our testimony.
  6. It’s about community.  I enjoyed all of our services during Passion Week, and felt that God was working through all of it.  But at the same time, I’m reminded that life change really happens in community.  Easter Sunday can be a starting point, a celebration, or an encouragement, but the main event is when we begin to grow in community and live out our faith together in our daily lives.  I’m looking forward to many new people getting connected to our LIFE Groups so that they can see how we live with our hope in Christ.

He is risen!  I hope you had a great Passion Week!